Autism and Travel cover

Recently I have travelled to Indonesia for work so when a part of my preparation … and because I like to be ready I needed to organise Travel cover. It was my first overseas trip for work since my children ended up identified as having Autism. They weren’t travelling beside me … however i guess I'd it at the back of my mind after i was organising my holiday insurance.

I'd thought getting the holiday insurance ought to be really quite simple … I possibly could not believe how wrong I had been. A few things i discovered very quicly that although you may think there are 1000s of different travel insurance policies out there .. well really that's not true. In fact you will find really over a small number of business offering travel cover and underwrite for other manufacturers (more and more often than not just copy the PDS from the underwritter). And several of which aren’t really fans of individuals with Autism … at least their polices aren’t

How can having a child with Autism that is not travelling impact your skill to acquire travel cover?

I know this could appear to be a bit confusing rather than make many sense … however, this is how it really works. In accordance with all of the insurance firms I spoke to Autism could be counted being a “Pre-existing Medical Condition”. Pre-existing Health conditions of not only the travelling party, but travelling companions and non-travelling relatives have to be considered when getting holiday insurance.

Why would that make a difference? Well if you want to cancel your trip and be repatriated quickly because of something which concerns a Pre-existing Health conditions that might be very expensive. That is why you receive travel cover. But how can Autism be seen being a potential create a claim on holiday insurance. Well after i was talking to the insurance coverage companies I acquired different responses to how they would look at the following.

 Senario - Your youngster ends onto the road and gets run over with a car. They're hurt badly and you must go back home.

 Response - All insurance comapnies asserted they'd purchase repatriation.

 Senario Expanded - I then asked if this type of could this transformation if it was known how the child had autism which one of many facets of their condition was they had a desire for cars and had a broad lack of knowledge of road safety.

 Response - Mixed. Some said that they would pay, some unsure … several said not at all.

IMHO holiday insurance information mill unfairly (and that i wonder if illegally) discriminating against people with non-travelling relatives with Autism. Many don’t or won’t provide coverage for autism and potentially will twist items to extend unreasonably the influence on autism to pay for well just about anything. This is just wrong.

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